Return to Office

The time to implement your office of the future is now and KM3’s Flex4Fit can help you get there!

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Strategically –  balancing employee & organizational needs
Thoughtfully – getting the right people in the right place 
Safely – closely following safety guidelines 

The recent pandemic has acted as a catalyst in transforming how employees and employers think about the workplace. A Gartner survey found that 72% of employees want to continue working from home after the pandemic has ended, with most seeking to do so an average of two days per week. This change in perception has forced employers to think outside the box regarding return to office in order to retain current talent and attract new talent. 

Planning your return to office can be complex. You must account for employee and organizational needs, as well as COVID19 safety standards. An effective plan will enable your employees to collaborate, boost employee morale, and increase productivity; while an ineffective plan can lead to disgruntled employees and a decrease in productivity. 

With our strength and focus on rolling out enterprise changes that affect employees, we were naturally driven to develop a methodological approach for helping companies develop their workplace strategy. As a result, KM3 has developed Flex4Fit. Flex4Fit is a return to office, workplace of the future solution that helps companies strategically, thoughtfully, and safely return to office and begin their journey of developing a future workplace ecosystem post pandemic.

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