Consulting Services provided by KM3:

Human Resource Consulting and Optimization          

KM3 Consulting employs a three-phase approach, leveraging a human capacity development model, ensuring that client personnel participate in efforts developing the skills necessary to support and sustain the enterprise long-term.  KM3 supports our clients by balancing employee & organizational needs and helping to get the right people in the right place.

Business Organization Consulting                                

KM3 helps by incorporating our clients’ vision and goals into solutions designed to generate the greatest value in their environment.  Our teams operate with an understanding of the complex mesh of industry, policy, value, culture, and technology that support effective execution.  We tackle challenges head on and have the experience to back up our approach and recommendations. 

Business Change Management Consulting to Support Corporate Projects                                            

KM3’s change management approach is grounded in technical knowledge, process engineering, and people-centric strategies that deliver results. KM3 goes beyond system implementation; we know how to translate complex business and technical concepts into results for our customers.

Business Consulting Services for Digital Transformation                                                                

KM3 Consulting Group offers project management and project support services to help customers tackle digital transformation business initiative complexities.  Our diverse workforce is comprised of experts who share the common skillset in solving complex problems with a pragmatic approach that maximizes our customers’ return on investment.  Strong technical aptitude, seasoned project management, and ROI/value mapping are fundamentally incorporated in our project delivery approach.

For Sales Contact Information: Kandy Martin – (770) 778-6205 ;

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